Main image of article How an Angry Robot Will Help Customer Service
What’s the best way to train customer-service employees? Build the world’s angriest robot. Touchpoint Group, a New Zealand-based technology company, is working on an artificial-intelligence platform fueled in part by a database of recorded customer interactions with four Australian banks. “The end goal is to build an engine that can recommend solutions to companies,” Touchpoint CEO Frank van der Velden told The Australian. “This will be possible by enabling our AI engine to learn right across a whole range of interactions of what has and has not worked in past examples.” By “whole range,” he also means the angriest customer interactions. The A.I. will use that database of pure fury to inform companies (and customer-service employees) which courses of action will lead to total customer meltdown. In theory, with that much data on-hand, the engine will be able to break down in a granular fashion with phrases or policies tend to trigger angst. And if we ever place that engine inside an actual robot body, we’ll probably get Ultron (above), so there’s that.