Main image of article How Much Do FAANG+ Internships Pay?

Securing an internship at a major tech company is a dream come true for many budding tech professionals. But how much do these positions actually pay (if anything), and what do you need to keep in mind when applying?, which crowdsources compensation data for the tech industry, has a breakdown of what FAANG+ companies pay their interns. It’s important to emphasize that this hourly salary is estimated; in addition, some companies offer additional benefits such as corporate housing and/or a transportation stipend, which add to the overall compensation package. Here’s the breakdown of the top ones for salary:

What’s the key thing to remember about applying for tech internships? Start as early as possible: as points out, applications for summer internships at the largest companies usually begin the previous year, with slots filled up by December at the latest. At smaller companies, you may have more time before the deadline, but earlier is almost always better when it comes to applications.

It’s also important to remember that interns are expected to really give the position their best effort. Depending on your area of specialization, you may be asked to do anything from basic programming to QA testing; but whatever the task, make sure you’re always upgrading and polishing your skill-set. If you do well, you could unlock a permanent position at the company, especially if you speak up for yourself and network effectively.

Also, keep in mind that you’re ultimately there to learn. Hopefully you’ll find a manager who’s willing to mentor you. Your team members may likewise share useful advice and tips. Absorb as much as you can—and don’t forget that the learning process never really ends.