[caption id="attachment_98228" align="alignright" width="300"]VonChurch Recruitment Employees at VonChurch’s San Francisco office work with companies and job seekers by phone, computer and in person.[/caption] Alex Churchill can sum up his firm’s recruiting strategy in four words: “Go deep, not wide.” Churchill, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based VonChurch, overseas a five-year-old digital entertainment recruiting firm. Last year, over 51 percent of the people it placed at digital music, film, TV and video game companies were in engineering. In a recent interview with Dice News, Churchill discussed not only his firm but what job seekers need to know about working with recruiters and the view his clients have about hiring those in their 40s and beyond.

Digging through the Database

VonChurch has a database with over 60,000 potential job seekers through which its employees in San Francisco, New York and Berlin search to fill the 300 to 400 jobs they are trying to fill on any given day. But Churchill notes that not every person in the database may land a job. Some job seekers may require work in a particular city, with a certain type of technology and schedule. “I may not have something for them today, next week or next month, but I will build a relationship with that person and get to know them,” he says. “So, when the perfect job comes in, I can say, ‘John, I got this role for you and I know what you are looking for.’”