Main image of article Updated: Sony Online Down as PSN Comes Back Up
Updated with news of Sony Online Entertainment's shutdown. Sony shut down its online-gaming network after a hacker attack, even as the company tries to get its PlayStation Network back online. Sony Online Entertainment took the network down last night. The company wouldn't comment on a report that credit-card information on more than 12,700 customers may have been lost. Earlier, Sony reported good news: Its PlayStation Network will begin coming back online this week. To ease users' pain, the company's offering PlayStation Plus subscriptions free for 30 days and certain content for free.  If you're already a PSN Plus subscriber, you'll get a 30-day extension. The company says it hasn't confirmed any fraud related to the user information stolen during the PSN attack. Sony's also moving to beef up security. It'll hire a chief information security officer, reporting to CIO Shinji Hasejima. It will add software to monitor and defend against attacks, improve encryption and add new firewalls. It's also speeding up PSN's move from its current data center in San Diego. Here's a little smidge of good news for Sony: began running a poll yesterday on whether gamers would abandon PSN. So far, 57 percent said they'll stick with it.