Main image of article How Tech Pros Hunt Down New Jobs
This year’s edition of the annual Stack Overflow survey suggests that most developers aren’t actively searching for jobs—and when they jump to a new gig, it’s because a friend referred them. Roughly 63 percent of developers worldwide surveyed by the Website said they weren’t actively looking for a new job, but that they were “open to new opportunities.” Another 22 percent said they weren’t interested in a new job, while just under 15 percent were actively looking. When it came to landing a new position, 28 percent said that a friend had referred them. That far outpaced finding a job on websites other than Stack Overflow (17.2 percent), external recruiters (13.8 percent), seeking out an opportunity directly (9.8 percent), an in-house recruiter (9.5 percent), or a career fair (6.3 percent). For those tech pros on the hunt for a new position, opportunities abound in many markets—especially for those with highly specialized skill-sets in “hot” areas such as cloud and mobile. The unemployment rate for tech pros hit 2.5 percent in February, suggesting that many employers are hungry for talent. Nor is hiring restricted to traditional tech hubs such as Silicon Valley. With cities across the United States recognizing the value of fostering a healthy community of tech professionals, many municipal governments have taken steps to encourage startups to move in. That’s in addition to the accelerators, incubators, and “tech corridors” springing up in various U.S. regions. Whether or not you’re actively on the hunt for a new job, it never hurts to take a few moments to upgrade your résumé and C.V. You never know when an opportunity might unexpectedly tumble into your lap.