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Cloudera, a Palo Alto, Calif., open source Big Data platform provider, offers Hadoop-based software support and services. Four years old and privately owned, the company guards its internal information closely. Officials there declined to share information on its number of employees, hiring plans and revenue. However, they say it’s growing steadily because of increasing demand for Hadoop solutions and Big Data processing, and that growth means they’re always looking for tech professionals to join their team. Read more Dice Landing@ stories here. Cloudera-logo-croppedRachel Taylor, Cloudera’s Head of Talent, believes that the implementation of Big Data technology will be one of IT’s driving forces over the next decade. At the same time, she says, “A lot of companies don’t have Big Data implemented.”

How to Read a Job Posting

Britt Sellin, Cloudera’s Senior Director of Human Resources, says the company’s job postings are straightforward. In studying them, job seekers should keep in mind that Cloudera is an open-source company. “We expect [candidates] to have the open-source culture approach – open, collaborative and communicative,” she says, adding that the company looks for employees who are adaptable. “We’re doing some pretty challenging work. As people look at those points they should think about whether they are up for challenges that change. We’re on the innovative front. The job somebody takes today could be the same tomorrow, or it could be something different. “

Making Your Approach

The company seeks solid Java engineers who are among the best at what they do, love a challenge, are “super smart” and involved in the open-source community.  “Java is the core,” Taylor says. “We are squarely focused on Java.”

Advice for Seasoned Professionals

An extensive knowledge of Big Data and open source is critical if you’re trying to get in the door at Cloudera. “Get to know what’s happening on the Big Data stage and who the leaders are,” advises Sellin. “If you’re not familiar with open source, get a little education and get to know what you’re getting into.” Also, you’ll need to demonstrate your enthusiasm for Big Data and Hadoop by participating in open source communities and meet up groups. “Those are things that are indicators to us,” Taylor says. “We need believers. It needs to be something they are passionate about.”

Advice for Recent Graduates

Because of the sophisticated nature of its work, Cloudera needs people with at least some experience. So, it’s helpful if you have an internship under your belt. The company offers internships of its own and encourages college students to apply. It’s open to hiring fresh college graduates, but having experience in open source or other types of projects is critical to landing a job there.