Main image of article HP Announces Cloud-Computing Certifications
Hewlett-Packard is joining the party of vendors offering cloud computing certifications. They'll be focused on HP CloudSystem. In November, CompTIA announced a vendor-neutral cloud certification developed with input from the likes of Microsoft, Google and IBM. Big Blue has a cloud certification of its own, as do companies like and 3Tera. The new certifications will be added to the HP ExpertONE Converged Infrastructure certification portfolio and will include:
  1. The HP Accredited Solutions Expert (ASE) Cloud Architect certification for those designing public, private, or hybrid cloud services. It's available now.
  2. The HP ASE Cloud Integrator certification for those who build, install, and integrate these services.
  3. The HP Master ASE Cloud Integrator certification for those who build, install, and integrate hybrid enterprise and service-provider clouds. The second two certifications will be available in February or March.
According to Channel Insider:
“As customers look to really execute their cloud and converged infrastructure strategy, they’re really running into a key critical challenge, and that is they don’t have the critical skilled individuals on staff,” (said Rebeka Harvey, director of learning product management, certification and learning at HP.) Unfortunately, partners are also falling short on cloud infrastructure skills. The new cloud certifications should help to fill that skills gap, she said. Although there is a large technical element to each of the three new cloud certifications, Harvey noted individuals that gain the certifications also have to demonstrate their ability to match the technology with business needs and apply the technical knowledge they gain to different solutions.
HP also is unveiling new wares at its Discover event this week in Vienna, including:
  • Integration of its HP CloudSystem with Alcatel Lucent to enable telecom providers to automate the provisioning and management of cloud resources through the network.
  • A fast-processing, enterprise-scale, disk-based backup system called Deduplication 2.0, which it claims can restore data at a speed of 28TB an hour.
  • Products incorporating the technology from its acquisition of Autonomy providing the ability to sort through unstructured data.