Exit SignHewlett-Packard's merger of its personal computer and printer groups is causing a number of employees to look toward the door, sources tell Dice News. Earlier this week, CEO Meg Whitman told employees that she hasn't settled on how many jobs would be eliminated in the move. But, somewhat ominously, she called it a "first step" and said "everything is on the table." She told the Wall Street Journal, "We're not at a point yet to even begin to think about the number of people," who could be let go. Sources say some people inside the PC group are asking around for opportunities at other companies. Since the printer group is the weaker one, it's hard to believe the same thing is not going on there. "The way Meg's running things, we expect our jobs will be gone or changed," one insider said. Though Whitman says a prime benefit of the merger will be reduced costs, some financial analysts don't buy it. "I don't see anything in today's announcement that will change the fact that HP is less than the sum of their parts," Gartner Distinguished Analyst Mark Fabbi told CFOWorld.