Main image of article HP’s Cloud Services Wants OpenStack Lovers
[youtube] HP Cloud Services wants to talk to people who are passionate about the public cloud and OpenStack. The HP unit is building its offering on top of OpenStack, and is looking for all types of technical talent like Ruby on Rails developers, architects, QA leads and DevOps specialists. In total it has 125 job openings, mostly in Seattle, Austin and Silicon Valley, plus some positions in Colorado, Atlanta and the UK, says Jim Ashe, a Senior Sales Executive for HP Cloud Services, told me. While experience matters, what the unit really values is passion, said Ashe. If you think OpenStack is the next big thing and you want to create the next cool public cloud service, HP wants to hear from you. A connection to get through the door is good, but it’ll only get you in to meet people. What counts is explain why you're interested in the job. Have you done this before? Why were you successful or unsuccessful? If it was a failure yet a learning experience, that’s far more important than who you know. “It’s all about describing where you’ve done something similar. Could be different technologies,” said Ashe. “Where have you helped execute and bring something to market? That’s what matters.”