HTC Sense 4.0 UI HTC's CEO Peter Chou announced three new smartphones at Mobile World Congress: One S, One V and One X, as well as an upgrade to its Sense UI. With the 4th version of their UI, HTC is attempting to win back the consumers who stopped using the phones because of the old, slow Sense user interface. In the new Sense 4.0 UI, HTC focused on improving the camera software and the audio, because this is where they felt that they were going backwards. With "ImageSense," you can now take a photo in 0.7 seconds, even if the lighting conditions are poor: no light, back light or high light. But this "light" condition only applies to the smartphones that feature the f2.0 lens. On these smartphones, ambient light is detected and then the perfect flash is brought up (there are seven different levels of flash) in time to compensate for the light needed. The camera does this by calculating the distance from the smartphone to the object. The HDR feature also has been improved, and HTC demonstrated its power in comparison with the popular iPhone 4S camera. I have to say that it's quite amazing. Another great feature that ImageSense offers is the ability to shoot photos and film HD videos at the same time.

HTC Sense 4.0 HDRWith the HTC One smartphone series, the company has integrated Beats music more tightly into their software as a result of Sense 4.0 UI.

The new phones also offer Dropbox integration, with two years of free 25 Gb storage. Chou said that with Sense 4.0 UI, HTC Sync will be able to sync iTunes playlists automatically, and the car experience has been simplified to allow users to switch with ease between multiple tasks (contacts, navigation, music). Photo: