Main image of article Hyper Touch Guitar: No Strings Attached

Don't guitar strings seem so last century when you think about it? That's what designer Max Battaglia at Givingshape Design Studio did when he unveiled his new concept: The Hyper Touch Guitar or "HTG" for short.

"Hyper Touch Guitar is a new way of thinking electric guitar making it fully customizable and adaptable to musician needs. No more strings, but a multi-touch screen that allows infinite possibilities of expression through the perfect instrument customization. Guitarists will be able to change as the number of strings, the number of frets, tuning, sound effects etc.. The design maintains the iconic shape of the standard electric guitar exalting and improving it. Some controls (tone, volume and tremolo) are maintained for more rapid and intuitive use." No word on pricing yet, but for musicians looking for something more modern without the cartoony Guitar Hero feel, the HTC is looking good.