Main image of article Indeed's Best Jobs of 2023 Include These Tech Jobs

If you want to land a high-paying job, consider getting into tech.

That’s the big takeaway from Indeed’s latest ‘Best Jobs of 2023,’ which puts several tech jobs—including full-stack developer, data engineer, and cloud engineer—at the very top of the rankings. Indeed considered several factors when composing the list, including salary, jobs per 1 million, and percentage of jobs offering remote and hybrid opportunities.

Check out Indeed’s website for the full list (psychiatry jobs seem big this year!). For the chart below, we’ve isolated the top tech jobs:

If you’re intrigued by a potential career as a full-stack developer, it’s important to learn some key things about the job. For starters, master the intricacies of front-end development (including programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). From there, move on to the principles of back-end development, including server-side programming languages, database management, web services, and API architectures (REST/SOAP). Full-stack developers must also exhibit great “soft skills” (such as empathy and communication) as well as a willingness to learn new tools and skills as the need arises.

Full-stack development is also a lucrative position: According to Glassdoor, full-stack developers make total average compensation of $108,803 per year, while back-end developers average $92,963 per year and front-end developers average $102,308. According to a recent Stack Overflow Developer Survey, a sizable percentage of working developers consider themselves to be full-stack developers—which hints at a high level of demand.

No matter what your interests in tech, keep in mind that the current unemployment rate for tech occupations sits at 1.8 percent. No matter what tech career path you choose, that level of demand gives you some leverage when it’s time to negotiate over things like salary and benefits. During negotiations, just make sure you can show how your skills and experience have contributed to completed projects and positive outcomes.