Main image of article Insurance, Consulting Firms Top Employers of Tech Talent

With December’s tech unemployment rate hovering at 2 percent (according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)), it’s clear that employers large and small are hungering for tech talent. Which companies have been hiring the most technologists?

According to CompTIA’s latest analysis of the BLS data, some of the nation’s largest insurance and consulting firms posted the most job openings for technologists in December. Check out the full list: 

According to CompTIA’s analysis, the most in-demand jobs in December 2021 included software developers (applications, IT support specialists, systems analysts, web developers, and “other” (a big category that includes everything from data analytics to machine learning and other emerging technologies). At these huge companies, developers and other technologists are often tasked with massive projects; if you want to land a job at any of them, you’ll need to know how to scale up apps, services, and initiatives to potentially enormous size.

Although tech companies have hired aggressively throughout the pandemic, Amazon is notable for the sheer volume of its job postings over the past several quarters. In September, the e-commerce giant announced plans to hire more than 55,000 technologists and corporate employees, boosting its corporate workforce by 20 percent. As 2021 ended, Amazon was the top tech hirer, although it could easily lose its top position in coming months to Salesforce, Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook), or any of the other tech giants also on hiring sprees. 

If you’re on the hunt for a new position in 2022, keep in mind that companies of all sizes will not only want you for your technical skills, but also your “soft skills” such as empathy and communication. As you polish your application materials and résumé, make sure that all of your skills are up-to-date, and that your keywords align with the original job posting.