Main image of article Lava's Intel-Powered XOLO X900 Readies for Launch
This is the Lava XOLO X900. It's the first Intel Atom-powered smartphone to see production. The specifications of the phone are fairly unremarkable: It runs Android 2.3 but is getting an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich in the not-too-distant future. In other words, a run of the mill HSPA+ 3G phone. What makes it noteworthy is Intel’s Atom X2460 System on Chip platform, a combination that allows the chip to hit 1.6GHz and offer a 400MHz graphics core. Also, the Atom has another ace up its sleeve: a dedicated imaging core that can process 24.0 megapixels per second and offer a 10-second burst mode. The Lava XOLO X900 will retail for approximately $420 -- well, actually 22,000 rupees, since it's only going to be sold in India. (That price, by the way, is roughly half the cost of an iPhone over there.) Why India? Intel wants to test market potential. TechCrunch says Intel will next take a slightly more powerful device to China and, depending on results, possibly head to Europe and the United States from there. So is this cause for excitement? Possibly. Not because of the phone itself, but because of what it represents. With Intel’s deep pockets and engineering expertise going into phone development, things in the mobile space could get very interesting indeed, both in terms of what Intel produces and in the technological innovation that it provokes in the competition. Photo: TechCrunch