Thanks to the Internet Archive, a nonprofit tasked with archiving the Web’s history, you can now play 2,306 classic games originally released for MS-DOS. That means anyone who grew up on “Dune 2” (seen in the screenshot above), the original “Wolfenstein 3D,” “Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego” and other PC hits of yesteryear can take a very long trip down memory lane. The EM-DOSBOX emulator that allows these games to run in your browser is still in beta, and it’s a CPU hog: upgrading to the latest Firefox or Chrome (the Internet Archive’s recommended browsers) is advised if you want these games to run at optimal speed. Click here for more gaming-related jobs. “In a few rare cases, the game or program being run does certain video or programming tricks that confuse the emulator, and the whole program runs notably slow, slower than even a taxed system should run,” added the Internet Archive’s FAQ page. “This is due to incompatibility with the emulator, and unfortunately will require the DOSBOX project to improve emulation going forward.” This isn’t the first time that the Internet Archive has posted a collection of classic games. In late 2014, it offered up 900 arcade games from the 1970s through the 1990s, emulated in JSMAME (part of the JSMESS software package). Those games included classics such as “Street Fighter 2” and “Super Pac-Man.” While the MS-DOS games on offer look incredibly primitive in comparison to the latest Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games, they might offer some classic fun for those interested in vintage gaming.

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Image: Westwood Studios