Now that Apple's released iOS 6, I can’t help but think of all the comments I heard from iOS developers at WWDC earlier this year. Even though they're in great demand, developers complain that recruiters spend little time getting to know them. [youtube] It would seem that everyone would be better served if recruiters spent a tad more time evaluating the resumes and personal websites of prospective candidates. It's pretty obvious: Both the candidate and recruiter want a good match. If either of them stumble across a bad fit, then there's no deal. It would stand to reason that spending a bit more time researching candidates up front would result in less time needed for the hiring manager to identify to the person who'll solve his or her problems the best. For recruiters, the extra time can pay off down the road, as well. iOS developers are a lot more likely to work with recruiters who take the time and care to present their resume to managers who actually were a good fit. Oh, well. I can dream, can't I?