Main image of article iOS Meetup's Next Topic: Facebook Developer Initiatives
Local iOS developers have the chance to learn more about Facebook's developer initiatives when the Silicon Valley iOS Developers Meetup visits the company's Menlo Park offices on November 19. Besides the initiatives, Facebook representatives will discuss how developers can work with social networking giant, according to Tim Burks, the meetup's organizer and an independent consultant and developer of iOS apps. It's events like this that have made the group one of the more popular meetup groups in Silicon Valley. Each monthly meeting draws approximately 200 to 250 folks to learn about and discuss the design, business and technology of iOS apps. The sessions are held the third Monday of every month. Topics originate from any one of the meetup's 5,516 members or mailing list subscribers, or simply with things that Burks finds interesting. The Silicon Valley iOS Developers Meetup usually begins at 6:30 p.m. with pizza and drinks, followed by the program's start at 7. Each evening usually presents three or four speakers who address the group for about 15 minutes each. The idea for the meetup came more than four years ago, after Burks left Magma Design Automation, where he'd been vice president of product engineering. With an interest in learning Objective-C and the Mac platform, he formed the group after the iPhone SDK was released. "In the early days of the iOS, you had to know someone [at Apple] to get the information you needed to be successful," he says. "The meetup attracts people who all want to do well in creating iOS apps." Leveraging on the success of the meetup, Burks will hold his first conference in late January, "Renaissance: The Art and Science of Apps." It will cover topics similar to the meetup's, but over a three-day period in San Francisco. I'm interested in hearing more about Silicon Valley IT meetups. If your organization draws more than a 100 members each month, drop me a line.

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