Android iosIt’s no surprise that Android and iOS are gobbling up mobile marketshare, but the latest figures from IDC and comScore show just how voracious their appetites have gotten. The latest quarterly figures, released last week, not only show Android competing head-to-head with Apple, but in some cases show that Android has outclassed iOS devices. Surprisingly, in just three months, Apple’s iOS gained 1.7 percent to capture 32.4 percent of smartphone platform market share, while Android increased a mere 0.6 percent to reach 51.6 percent, says comScore. What I find surprising about these figures is that Apple saw nearly 2 percent growth, when some analysts weren’t expecting major iPhone sales because consumers knew the next generation iPhone will be released this fall. Meanwhile, IDC delved into the iPad’s performance over its opponents. As everyone expected, iPads gained marketshare in the quarter, capturing a whopping 68.2 percent of the market by selling 17 million units. WOW! Although it's interesting to see Apple still gaining, it will even more fascinating to see third quarter results and whether Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is gaining traction over Apple and the others.

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