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ArduinoHow many iPhones or iPod Touches do you have gathering dust? I have a few. Fortunately, I've come across some products that can give new life to them, sometimes by doing things they may never have been intended for. Such as? For the ubergeek there is the Arduino, which has a variety of sensors to monitor the external environment and feed the information into an iOS device. You could, for example, make your own weather station or robot. For those of us with less time and fewer programming skills, there is the Galileo, an iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform that allows you to move and rotate your iPhone or Touch from a browser or another iOS device. By mounting your iPhone to Galileo – which is also a charger – you can convert your device for baby monitoring, video chatting, bird watching or cinematography. Galileo's manufacturers also provide an SDK to extend its uses. Look for downloads that let you do things like perform time-lapse photography. Galileo is a Kickstarter project from Motr, and has far exceeded its funding goal. You can pre-order it for $85.

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