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IT decision makers use their iPads for data consumption, specifically reading, and especially reading in the field, says IDG. The great majority of them--79 percent--say they "always" use their iPads  "on the move." Some other tidbits:
  • In North American, 13 percent of employers provide iPads to their employees
  • 57 percent of iPad owners substitute it for a laptop
  • Of all iPads sold in North America, 62 percent never leave the home
In general, IT and business professionals use their iPads most intensively for tasks that appear to be work-related. Web browsing, reading and news consumption are the top three uses identified by professionals worldwide. In addition, more IT and business professionals--54 percent--"always" use their iPad for work communication, compared to 42 percent for personal communication. Among IT professionals, entertainment ranks low as a priority. Although 59 percent "sometimes" use their iPad for entertainment, only 31 percent do so regularly. And what are tech professionals reading? PDFs, Word and Excel documents sent by colleagues, as well as "must read" industry white papers. In this respect, IDG believes, the iPad may open up significant possibilities for technology marketers: The prospect of gaining access to decision makers in lean-back mode at home or on the move between locations "is intriguing."