Main image of article New iPad Meet... The New iPad!
Apple iPad Retina DisplayForget about "the New iPad." Meet... the new iPad! Aren't you excited that the iPad 3 you bought a mere six months ago is now obsolete?

What on Earth is Apple Thinking?

Nothing could be more confusing and surprising than Apple's oddly timed release of the iPad 4 and its throwing the iPad 3 under the bus. Except perhaps the inexplicable, continued availability of the iPad 2. There's a lot of the fuss about the iPad 4's Lightning port, as well as its four featured improvements: the 1.2 megapixel HD front facing camera, the faster A6X processor, the LTE cellular chip and the 10-hour battery. Still, if you're looking for reasons why Apple decided to refresh the new/old iPad, here are a few thoughts:
  • Apple knew Microsoft's Surface and Windows 8 were going to be officially released and it wanted to be sure the iPad was more competitive.
  • Apple's heard the rumors that Samsung and Google are ready to release a high end Google-branded tablet that will feature a 300 ppi display.
  • Apple made a few mistakes with iPad 3. Forums buzzed with complaints about LTE and the lower speed. The negative customer feedback combined with unexpected competition may have pushed Apple to bring out the iPad 4.
  • Apple wants the next updates ready for the summer and is looking at having that newer  iPad ready for 2014 holiday wish lists.
I'd like to hear from iPad users. What do you think about the iPad 4 launch? Do you have any fresh ideas about what Apple may have been thinking?