Main image of article Is Amazon Developing a Low-Cost Tablet?

It's become an open secret that Amazon is developing a tablet. It makes sense since the retail giant has spent the last several years putting all the pieces in place: streaming music, movies, books and a cloud to store it all. A company-specific tablet could optimize and integrate its products and services, controlling the user's endpoint experience. While the iPad's success has more than proved the concept of a multi-function tablet, its platform is locked down, apps must be approved, and developers can't modify what the buttons do. And, consider how Flash was banned from the iPad when Apple's relationship with Adobe soured. The possibility is incentive enough for Amazon to build a streaming ecosystem like it did with the Kindle. Rumor further has it that Amazon's tablet will be released this summer. What might be most compelling is its price point. Gdgt suggests it might be an aggressive $199. That makes sense: The money Amazon makes on the device will be small compared to what it will make from selling stuff. It'll be like having an Amazon shopping cart in your hands at all times. Apple sells media; Amazon sells everything.