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Danger SignCould your job be on the verge of extinction? As the cloud, offshoring and an influx of consumer devices transform or eliminate traditional IT roles, how can you remain relevant and employed?

The first step is to figure out whether you're in a position that's under pressure. Here are a few, plus some ideas to keep you working.

Systems Administrators

As companies outsource administrative and non-critical apps to public or private clouds, junior positions and email admin roles are disappearing. But several roles you might consider are flourishing: system architecture, engineering and network security, and data analytics.

Web Designers

Do-it-yourself Web design tools are eliminating the need for HTML and Flash experts. Next-generation designers need broader skills such as content writing, SEO optimization and artistic flair to create websites that are capable of supporting and enhancing sophisticated marketing campaigns.

Linux Systems Administrators

Linux expertise isn't enough anymore. Now you'll need experience with scripting languages, configuration management and virtualization software.

Data Center Specialists

Professionals who focus on a specific hardware, coding language or development methodology are being replaced by flexible generalists with a broader skill set. To avoid the ax, you’ll need hardware AND software knowledge. If you’re infrastructure-focused, you should learn about business and its applications to stay on track.

Repair Technicians

It’s cheaper to buy new hardware than to repair laptops and desktops. So to survive here, you'll need more sophisticated skills so that you can diagnose and repair server problems and issues with more expensive equipment.

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