Managing company data, it turns out, is more stressful than a divorce, a minor car accident or managing personal debt, according to the survey Security Pros & Cons: IT Professionals on Confidence, Confidential Data, and Today's Cyber-Cons. Commissioned by security vendor Websense, the survey tallied responses about the latest threats to corporate and personal security from 1,000 IT manager and 1,000 non-IT employees in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia. It found that 24 percent said their CEOs or other executives had lost confidential data due to data breaches and 37 percent of employees lost sensitive data. Twenty percent said that confidential information had been posted on a social networking site. When you add all this to that the fact 86 percent said their job would be at risk if a security incident were to occur -- including if a CEO's or other executive's confidential data was breached (36 percent) -- you apparently end up with stress that makes divorce look simple. (Of course, you have to wonder how many of them have been divorced themselves, but that's another post.) Yet there is hope: Ninety one percent said that new levels of management have engaged in data security conversations in the last year, including the head of IT (43 percent), managing director (38 percent) and CEO (33 percent).