Main image of article JavaScript Tops GitHub's Most Popular Languages
What are the top programming languages on GitHub? According to GitHut, a website that attempts to estimate and visualize the repository’s most popular languages, JavaScript topped the list in the fourth quarter of 2014, followed by Java, Python, CSS, PHP, Ruby, C++, C, and Shell. With roughly 3.4 million users and 16.7 million repositories, GitHub offers a comprehensive view into not only the most popular languages, but which ones are on the rise; while the top five languages on GitHut’s list have been around since the 1990s, newer ones such as Swift (created 2014), Rust (created 2010), Go and CoffeeScript (both created in 2009) have also made their presence felt. Check out the latest programming jobs. Details about GitHut’s analysis are available on GitHub itself, with the Archive data available via Google BigQuery. GitHut’s findings parallel those of tech-industry analyst firm RedMonk, which uses data from GitHub and Stack Overflow to create a regularly updated list of the most popular programming languages. Thanks to its use in everything from Web browsers to game development, JavaScript seems likely to maintain a top spot—if not the top spot—for the foreseeable future. (GitHut estimates there are 323,938 active JavaScript repositories on GitHub, with 3.4 million total pushes.) As apps and platforms evolve, however, languages such as Swift have a very serious shot at becoming true competitors for the top five (or at least the top 10) slots.

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Image: GitHut