Web development had its first stab at meeting the mobile Internet back in the days of WAP 10 years ago, but after initial enthusiasm it failed to set the world alight (except in Japan). These days it's driven by smartphones and tablets, but many websites still aren't touchscreen friendly. Web games like the British JQuery-driven Illyriad are non-Flash and can be played on an iPhone, but it's easier with a mouse. Now comes JQuery Mobile, finally at version 1.0 a year after the first alpha release. This release provides compatibility across a wide range of smartphones, with most recent devices having the best Ajax-animated page transitions. For example, Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5.1 have low-quality compatibility, and only version 7.0 works properly. JQuery Mobile is a modest 19Kb in size and available via CDN to minimize delays. Note: At the moment, it only works with JQuery core 1.6.4, and won't support JQuery 1.7 until JQuery Mobile 1.1 is released