Main image of article Kill Your Resume's Objective Statement

Many a resume includes an “objective statement” that breaks down the candidate’s strategic goals. That statement usually ends up at the very top of the resume. But does it actually help your job prospects? Probably not. Let’s break down a typical objective statement: “Seeking a role as an app engineer in order to improve my programming skills and contribute to a company’s success.” What’s wrong with that statement? First of all, it doesn’t tell the prospective employer anything about how the candidate can materially contribute to the company’s strategic goals and bottom line. It focuses on what the candidate wants out of life, not what they can do for others. Second, an objective statement tends to be vague—and vagueness is one of the surest ways to doom a resume’s effectiveness. It doesn’t provide much insight into your skills, experience, education, or other attributes that actually matter to the employer. When in doubt, delete the objective statement, and put that valuable real estate at the top of your resume to better use.