Dutch industrial designer Niels van Hoof's come up with a laptop that folds from the screen size of a MacBook Pro 17 to a box that's half the size of a MacBook Air. Technabob contributor Range has this to say about it:
The sleek curves and silver aluminum casing are impressive, and it reminds me a lot of MacBooks, but the best thing would be the folding screen. The design assumes that a flexible OLED screen could be built with no seam where the top two pieces hinge. One thing that I don’t think we’ll need is the pop-out mouse. I’d rather have a Kinect-like sensor could just track your movements and translate them into actions, or just project a virtual trackpad on the side instead.
The Feno laptop, as it's called, takes advantage of an OLED display, with a hinge in it, which means it's more likely to reach the market when OLEDs go mainstream. Feno Notebook