Linux is simply wonderful. That's the message from Datamation's Matt Hartley, who enumerates 20 reasons why Linux will boom in the post-recession world. One of his main reasons: cost.

By using Linux, one can be assured that the future of any projects enabled by this open source solution will be in firm control of those who are running the controls. No faceless company is going to come along and suddenly change the rules as to how you run your projects or how their software can be used.

Very true. Hartley goes on to praise Linux's automatic updates, its ability to run on existing hardware and use existing peripherals, and its community-supported sensibility, another way that costs can be kept down.

Hartley also believes Linux can help spawn new business opportunities.

For those who've had enough of competing in a post-recession job market, there are self-employment opportunities abound for those willing to work the extra hours. For example: consulting, administration support, book writing, documentation creation, and the list goes on. While the real money is clearly in supporting the enterprise world, those looking to get their feet wet could find alternative avenues. Training existing computer techs who support home users to also offer Linux-based offerings, in a seminar-like environment, might also be an effective income stream for techs looking to increase their bottom line.

Read on to see 15 more reasons why Linux is going to flourish as a future OS of choice among techs in the know. In the end, Hartley says, it's all about ownership.

-- Don Willmott