Main image of article Life's Not So Easy for the Other Mark Zuckerberg
Having a famous moniker can have a downside – just ask Mark S. Zuckerberg, an Indianapolis bankruptcy attorney who shares a name with someone of whom you have probably heard. Mark S. told a local television station about some of the troubles that his name had caused -- not the least of which was having Facebook disable his account until he produced copies of his driver’s license, birth certificate and Indianapolis Bar Association license. On his website,, Mark reflects on the burden of sharing a name with Facebook CEO Mark E. Zuckerberg:
I have put a lot of energy into becoming an exceptional bankruptcy attorney and establishing my good name nationally. If you had Googled Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, you would have found me ... Now my name isn't mine any more.
To add insult to injury, his office is forced to field approximately “a dozen phone calls a day from people complaining about Facebook and demanding tech support.” Then there are the friend requests; according to Mark S. there are about 500 of those a day – many from people in countries that do not speak English. But it is not all doom and gloom for Mark S. After all, he is a bankruptcy attorney in an economic downturn – who has managed to score a mountain of free publicity.