StumbleUpon has the best of both worlds – the agility of a startup and the stability of a 12-year-old company. At least that’s how its vice president of engineering, Paul Antaki, sees it. The San Francisco-based company offers up Web pages, videos and photos based on subscribers’ self-selected likes and dislikes. It’s powered by a lean but growing crew of approximately 90 people, of which half work in technology. The site relies heavily on Hadoop, R, Raku and Octave, and programmers work primarily with Java, PHP, Scala and some C++. Antaki recently sat down with Dice News to discuss the technology the company uses, the work performed by its engineers and what a typical day is like in the IT department. Is its culture cutthroat? No, Antaki says: “If people want to sleep under their desks, that's fine, but the goal isn’t to work people to the bone. The goal is to have a sustainable pace of work.” Dice TV