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With more and more companies relying on Linux—some 11,800 developers from 1,200 companies have contributed to the kernel over the last decade, according to the Linux Foundation—it stands to reason that Linux pros would find themselves in ever-increasing demand, especially those who specialize in anything cloud- or security-related. And Linux pros are sensing that opportunity; in a recent Linux Foundation survey, some 55 percent of them said it would be “very easy” or “fairly easy” to find a new job this year. Nearly three-fourths claimed they’d received at least one call from a recruiter in the past six months; a third also reported receiving six or more calls. (The survey solicited responses from 3,400 Linux pros.) Check out the latest Linux-related jobs. What does that mean for employers? More trouble in finding adequate Linux talent, and more money spent trying to hold onto employees. Roughly 70 percent of hiring managers surveyed by the Linux Foundation said they’d increased incentives in order to hang onto Linux pros, including flexible work hours; more than a third also raised salaries. Who says a career focused on open source won’t pay off?

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