Little Printer I know how everyone absolutely hates printers, but not all of them are necessary evils. BERG, a London-based design studio, has invented one that is adorable and lovable, called the Little Printer. True to its name, the printer is a little cube that is only capable of printing on receipt-size thermal paper. (Sorry, you'll still need your full-scale pain-in-the-ass printer to print documents.) So far, the Little Printer churns out just a few select Web sources, which it calls subscriptions. All can be managed from a smartphone. With five launch partners -- namely Arup, Foursquare, Google, The Guardian, and Nike--you can have tiny bits of information delivered to you daily (or more frequently), such as the day's top headlines, puzzles, social-media feeds, to-do lists, and birthday reminders. The Little Printer works wirelessly, receiving content from a bridge unit that's connected to a router with Internet access. The brains of the system is known as the BERG Cloud. "Because publications are created in our cloud on the Web, not in your front room, we can offer more services for your Little Printer without the need for updates or a replacement product," according to BERG statement. The nifty little gadget won't be available for pre-order until 2012. Pricing is unknown at this point. [vimeo w=580&h=326]