Logitech's Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for the Mac, iPad and iPhone is the most interesting keyboard this author has seen for a long, long time. Let me count the things that make this keyboard particularly special. First and foremost, there's the solar panel. When its fully charged, it's able to keep the keyboard powered for up to three months (based on eight hours of use per day). Users will rarely need to draw on the stored power, because the solar panel can receive a charge from an indoor lamplight. It's likely you won’t be without keyboard power any time soon. The K760 takes its cues from Apple's design. This Mac and iOS friendly keyboard includes all of the keys that Apple users are familiar with. It looks a lot like a regular Apple keyboard: the “Alt” key also says “option”; there's a “command” key; the “Back Space” key has been relabeled with “delete”; and perhaps most interestingly, there is a dedicated “home” key. Aside from the cosmetic changes, there is one more key feature to Logitech’s new board that really makes it stand out. It's able to control the Mac, iPad and iPhone simultaneously. Bluetooth is a fantastic wireless protocol, but disconnecting and reconnecting peripherals can be rather tedious – especially when touch screens are involved. Logitech got around this by allowing users to switch between devices with the push of a button. Although Logitech's keyboard comes with a number of nifty features, it also comes with a steep $80 price tag. It may be more than some people are willing to pay for a portable keyboard, but its push-button device switching convenience should convince a good number of people to part with their money - especially those among us for whom typing on a touch screen amounts to a special type of hell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QlKJhrWcU9g