How do you stay intimate in a long-distance relationship? There’s always Skype and Facetime, as well as a good old fashioned phone call, or gasp…a romantic letter but what about those occasions where you really want to reach out and touch your partner. Enter Vibease. Created by software engineer Dema Teo, who came up with idea while living in Boston while his wife was in Singapore, Vibease presents a phone app as a sexy solution for physically separated couples. It’s currently being incubated at Founder and per the company’s website, is close to launching and offering pre-sales.  The hardware, which will be available in pink and purple, is essentially a palm-sized, hand-held, contoured vibrator that features Bluetooth technology so it can be controlled via smartphone. The premise is simple, you and your partner connect via smartphone, whoever holds the vibrator connects it via Bluetooth, permission is granted, programmed vibrations commence, whoopee is made. Of course, the app’s facetime component can assist in the equation and, as the company video explains, you can even record the event for viewing at another time. The vibrator can be used for solo expeditions as well. There are some drawbacks to the technology. The vibrator is designed for use by women and, so far, there’s no equivalent on the horizon for men.  Also, while the Android app can be downloaded for free through Google Play, iPhone users are out of luck until that app’s development is complete, although the website assures its availability is imminent.

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