LulzSec Reborn hackers have compromised 10,000 Twitter accounts in a bid to prove that Twitter apps can be weak. The hackers exposed sensitive information like user names, passwords, real names, locations, bios, avatars and even secret tokens used for authentication. All 10,000 Twitter accounts have something in common -- they all used TweetGif, an application that allows users to share animated GIFs. Sadly, LulzSec Reborn published a link on pastebin a to a Tweetgif users table file, which can be downloaded from a file sharing website. If you used Tweetgif in the past, I strongly advise you to change your password, or you might end up without your Twitter account. Security experts often advise users to pay attention to what apps they allow on Twitter, because many were created just to extract and expose sensitive data. And Tweetgif is just a small example.

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