Great news: We’ve got a good argument for why your company should let you pick your own devices. A new study from Jamf shows that, while the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is less popular than employers might like, allowing employees to pick their own hardware is probably the smart choice. Some 68 percent of workers say they’re more productive when they have hardware they like, and 37 percent say they’re more creative. Around 35 percent say they’re equally more collaborative and proud of where they work; a full 42 percent report all of those things are true for them. But at the same time, nobody wants to bring their own devices! Only eight percent say they “want” their personal and business lives to be integrated, and a mere 15 percent say carrying less hardware around is preferable. Meanwhile, 55 percent say they want a dedicated work device because they want to keep work and personal issues separate. Half of those queried say being able to choose their own hardware is “very to extremely” important, and 86 percent say it’s important. Roughly 77 percent say they’d choose to stick with an employer that let them pick their own hardware. Unsurprisingly, 90 percent say being able to pick your own hardware should be a strategy every company uses. But there’s one critical reason why companies may choose not to bend to employees' device wishes: cost. To wit: 72 percent of those surveyed would choose a Mac, while only 28 percent would want a PC. When it comes to mobile, 75 percent say they’d like iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad; 25 percent would choose Android, and a smattering (which clearly didn’t factor) would choose Blackberry. Equipping every employee with a full suite of iOS and macOS gear could get quite expensive. Jamf notes that employers who want happy, long-term employees should consider giving their people choices: “In order to attract and retain top talent, organizations need to evaluate what employees value most and what will motivate them to do their best work." If being on a Mac instead of a PC is going to have a marked impact on your performance, it’s definitely worth negotiating such a thing with management.