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screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-11-28-06-am Cyber threats continue to grow in cost, complexity, and number. Businesses and organizations are prioritizing the security of data assets and hiring at a record pace, triggering significant skills and workforce shortages in the industry. The state of the information security job market presents opportunities for mid-career professionals looking for a change and interested in the challenges and rewards of protecting data assets from cybercriminals. With the right education and certifications, it is possible to build on existing skill sets and begin a fulfilling career in information security. Degree programs at both the bachelor and master’s level—as well as specialized certificates—can drive these career changes. Download “Make a Mid-Career Change to Information Security” to learn more about what it takes to move into an exciting and rewarding career in information security. Download white paper
"I knew for quite a while that I wanted to do something hands-on with computers and I kept hearing that data security was becoming a bigger and bigger industry with high-paying jobs. It seemed like you could basically write your own ticket if you had the right education. Retirement was fast approaching and I wanted to earn as much as I could before I retired. And there are a lot of post-retirement opportunities available in this field, which was attractive for me at this point in my career." - Sheila Stevens, BS in Information Assurance and Security
Find out how Sheila Stevens successfully made a late-career change to information security.