Main image of article Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Your Job Will Get More Creative in Coming Years

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks your job is going to change radically before the decade is out, particularly if you work in a tech-related position such as software developer. 

Speaking on the Lex Fridman Podcast, hosted by MIT computer scientist Lex Fridman, Zuckerberg suggested that coding will evolve from a primarily “utilitarian” function to something more resembling “art.”

“Part of what I think is going to be great about the creative economy and the metaverse ... [is that] a lot more people in the future are going to get to work doing creative stuff than what I think today we would just consider traditional labor or service,” he added (hat tip for CNBC for transcribing his quotes). 

Whether or not you follow Zuckerberg's logic and believe more jobs will become creative (much less involve the metaverse), it’s clear that the rise of A.I.-powered automation will reduce the need for “rote” tasks and low-level coding; instead, jobs may emphasize problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. 

Automation will create jobs, as well. In 2020, a report by the World Economic Forum suggested that A.I. and automation will power the creation of 97 million new jobs by 2025, including data analysts, cybersecurity specialists, software developers, and Internet of Things (IoT) experts. At the same time, we could see a severe reduction in demand for factory workers, data-entry clerks, accountants, and managers—all jobs that tend to emphasize process over creativity.

Meanwhile, the market for A.I.-related jobs continues to grow in many states, especially California (home to Meta and other companies) and Texas (home to a growing number of tech companies fleeing California). A.I. is touching more aspects of every company’s tech stack; a recent study of A.I. use-cases showed many companies using artificial intelligence and machine learning in sales, CRM, chatbots, cybersecurity, and marketing automation.

If everything goes according to Zuckerberg’s vision, this emphasis on A.I. will free up more professionals to explore the creative side of their jobs. However, it’s also a reminder to future-proof your career; always learn new skills, and keep an eye on how cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning can potentially impact what you do.