Main image of article Microsoft's Muscle Car of the Future
[youtube] Project Detroit, the much talked about, Microsoft sponsored concept car, was parked prominently on the lawn of Foothill College at the 2012 Silicon Valley Code Camp. It took eight weeks for the team from West Coast Customs and their four colleagues from the Microsoft Coding for Fun group, to retrofit this 2012 Ford Mustang, with the aesthetic of the 1967 muscle machine and stuff it with tech. Could this be a car of the not-too-distant future? While Project Detroit may not be rolling off the line anywhere soon, you can imagine the possibilities. Here’s a peek at what’s inside:
  • Two laptops that run all systems
  • An XBox 360 for tailgating
  • Rear projection screen with message display on the back window
  • Three Kinect devices that allow you to see what the car sees.
  • PA system
  • Controllable, color changing RGB LEDs
  • Digital dashboard that can be arranged in any style you prefer
  • GPS system (of course)
  • Windows 8 Slate for passenger side
  • System control and real time viewing from a Windows mobile phone
  • The car is a cloud-enabled device. All engine information such as your speed, RPMs, etc. are pushed to the cloud so you can data crunch when you're not driving