Main image of article Will Windows Blue Be Worth Waiting For?
Windows 8A couple months back, I wrote about Microsoft's Windows 8 launch and what I hoped was the company's first step into the future. I also wondered whether Windows 8 wasn't akin to Vista. It appears that I wasn't entirely wrong. The scuttlebutt now is that Microsoft is working on a new Windows OS, codenamed Windows Blue, or Windows 9 Dev, which will  be released at some point this year. It seems that this is the start of a series of upgrades, with releases scheduled  every 12 months. Although information about Windows Blue has been minimal, a PCbeta user posted that the alpha version reached has build 9622 and that the kernel has reached version 6.3. That means the OS could have a new look while it keeps some elements of Windows 8. I’ve been a Windows user ever since 1999. I currently use Windows 7 Ultimate, which is more than enough for me. I've chosen not to upgrade to Windows 8 mainly because I find the interface to be ugly and its better speed doesn’t excite me that much. I can wait for the changes I want. Windows Blue will be the first Windows OS scheduled to upgrade often. In the long term, though, I'm not entirely comfortable with a major release coming on a yearly basis. Actually, I wonder if Microsoft's up to the challenge. Then again, it's good to see the company finally, fully make the leap into the 21st Century.