Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 11.00.14 AM You’ve heard of smartphones, smart bombs, smartwatches, smart bracelets and smart people. Now prepare yourself for the “smart cup:” If you ever wanted a drinking container that will provide you with real-time nutritional data about whatever tasty beverage you pour into it, Mark One’s Vessyl is the 13-ounce receptacle (with accompanying iOS app) of your hopes and dreams. See iOS jobs here. Like many other hyper-intelligent devices hitting the market these days, the $99 Vessyl boasts an ultra-chic, minimalist shell. It can provide data on whatever liquids it holds for five to seven days before needing a battery recharge. Testing by The Verge suggested that the cup is adept at not only differentiating between beverages, but also sub-brands of beverages: For example, it was able to tell when the reviewer poured Gatorade Glacier Freeze into it, as opposed to Gatorade Cool Blue, or whether a coffee was weak or strong. Vessyl’s makers are keeping their lips sealed about the cup's technology, although it presumably features a configuration of sensors embedded throughout its shell. A minimalist display on the side of the device will show how much water you’ve consumed that day, a feature that the creators refer to as “Pryme.” That feature requires the user enter weight and other attributes in order to properly gauge hydration. While more than a few online commentators have dismissed Vessyl as a toy, a device with this functionality could convince some people to hydrate better or cut down the amount of soda they drink every day. You probably don’t need all that technology, however, to determine whether your cup is half full or half empty.

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Image/video: Mark One