Main image of article Netgear Contest Pushes Connected Appliance Apps
Netgear’s launched an app-development contest meant to encourage developers to create solutions for connected homes and businesses, and to join its Smart Network Developer Program. The winning developer will get $10,000, but of course all participants will be encouraged to market their apps through the Netgear genie+ marketplace. Samsung T9000The company wants to offer consumers more options for interacting with connected devices, like refrigerators and other appliances, which are increasingly seen as potential development platforms. Cedar Milazzo, the company’s vice president of software engineering, said in a press release that Netgear's SDK gives developers another tool they can use to enable communications with those devices through its routers. The deadline for submitting apps is midnight, September 30. (You can see the full set of contest rules here.) You don’t have to be a member of the Netgear’s development program to participate. Web, PC and mobile applications are all eligible. Image: Samsung