Main image of article Network Engineers, Sysadmins Enjoying Spike in Remote Work

New data suggests that organizations everywhere are hungry for network and systems engineers—and they don’t care if those specialists do their jobs from home.

CompTIA’s latest Tech Jobs Report offers a breakdown of job postings for remote tech positions. As you can see from the following list, software developers/engineers represent the bulk of these job postings—but network engineers/architects and systems engineers/architects are well-represented and growing at an enviable month-over-month rate. Check it out:

What can we conclude from this overall list? For starters, it seems like the bulk of even the most complex tech jobs can be done remotely, aside from hardware jobs that demand a physical presence in a lab or fabrication facility. A decade ago, the computational power required for a network engineering or cybersecurity position would have likely demanded a technologist’s presence in an office; but thanks to the rise of the cloud computing, more powerful PCs, and highly specialized apps, even the most intensive jobs can now be done from the comfort of one’s couch.

Second, if you’re interested in nabbing an all-remote job, you have lots of opportunities if you work in software development, network and systems administration/engineering, and analysis. Fortunately, this encompasses a wide variety of tech positions. For those concerned about managing the complexity of all-remote jobs, project management tools can assist you in juggling asynchronous workloads even when you’re not in the same time-zone as your team.   

Remote work presents lots of opportunities for technologists, especially for those who don’t want to move to a new state or city for a job, and/or enjoy a more flexible schedule. As with anything else, keep in mind there are pitfalls—all-remote relationships with recruiters can prove a little tricky while you’re on the job hunt, for instance. And once you land a job, there’s also the small matter of ensuring you mesh well with your boss and colleagues, even if you’re hundreds (or thousands) of miles away. 

For those who adapt, though, all-remote work can open up all kinds of opportunities. Want to work for a company on the other side of the country, or shift your work schedule to better align with your personal life? Now’s your chance.