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Too many people think networks are only about finding jobs. While that’s one part of it, the better way to think about your network is that it will help you grow your job and career. Click here to see software engineering jobs. The first thing you need to do to build your network: actively acquire people. This is not adding whoever pops up on Google+ or having 5,000 friends on Facebook. Instead, decide who you know – or should know – that can support your career goals, and who you can help reach theirs. These people can be peers in your company, or hiring managers, or members of a professional organization. Or, they can simply be people who leave your company. When a colleague leaves, don't hesitate to get their contact information. Think of it this way: Say 20 people leave your company that you know and trust. That gives you inside contacts at 20 companies where they end up working. Yes, actively adding people to your network is work. But remember: The time to build your network is precisely when you don’t need one.

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