Main image of article New on 'Tech Connects' Podcast: Michelle Marian on DEI in Tech

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These days, and rightfully so, there is a bright spotlight on how organizations throughout the tech ecosystem are approaching diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Over the past few years, we’ve seen commitments from companies and leaders to do better, and these have often generated mediocre (if any) results. The questions remain: 

  • How are companies big and small working to make progress in areas that have historically been a problem in tech?  
  • Many of the biggest employers of technologists are not tech companies – what are organizations outside of the space doing to change cultures and practices that are a hindrance to DEI?  
  • What can technologists (and their managers) do to encourage DEI in their own workplaces? 

To dig a bit more into this issue, our latest podcast guest is Michelle Marian, Chief Marketing Officer at DHI Group, the parent company of Dice. Michelle's role in leading marketing for the organization gives her a view into not only what organizations must do to run effectively, but also into how companies shape the messages and stories they share with the world. Her expertise, combined with her passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion, provides her with unique insights into attempts both within and outside of tech to more wholeheartedly embrace DEI.  

Give it a listen, and remember that each podcast episode ends with the items you can take with you (and take action upon): 

As you’ll hear during the episode, many organizations’ executives are worried that their attempts to diversify their workplaces and push for more equity and inclusion won’t translate into tangible results. They’re concerned that these campaigns are nothing more than good marketing with nothing of substance behind them. How can they ensure that they’re doing right by DEI? We discuss all that and more with Michelle. 

If you want to learn more after finishing the episode, check out Dice’s latest Equality in Tech Report, which extensively surveyed technologists about their perceptions around DEI. The report found that race and gender discrimination remain huge issues in tech, with big impacts on perception of wage equality, career satisfaction, and whether technologists will stay with a particular company. There’s clearly still quite a lot of work to be done.  

Thank you for tuning into Tech Connects; we’ll be back with new podcast episodes each month. And as always, if you have suggestions for what we cover on the show or you’d like to be a future guest, send us a note.