Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said that he doesn’t believe in laying off employees during times of economic difficulty, reports RocketNews24. Nintendo Super MarioSpeaking during a Q&A session at the company’s shareholder meeting, Iwata said that while there are times when a company might need to shed employees, he’s not a fan of the approach. He pointed to the profit and loss cycles common in the gaming industry, and added that it might be easy to believe that staff reductions could boost the bottom line. Iwata warned against moves that only are benefits in the short term, especially when those moves cause staff morale to take a hit and make employees feel insecure. He said Nintendo employees are valued for their own special skill set, which makes the company thrive. Iwata was also skeptical about evaluating staff based on a company’s performance alone, noting that it had little to do with improving the company in the long run.