Our sister site ClearanceJobs shows a job posting for a few good hackers who'll conduct some cyberwarfare for defense contractor Northrop Grumman. The openings are in suburban D.C ., Colorado Springs and Sacramento. Besides knowing something about Java, agile development techniques and having other technical chops, you'd also need a Secret clearance. Also listed is "knowledge of security research tools like Metasploit, WorldWind, [and] Google Earth." Since when did Google Earth become a security tool? We must have missed that one. Still, it's an intriguing notion. When the blog Threat Post asked what this job was all about, the company declined to elaborate on what Northrop was referring to with the term "Offensive Cyberspace Operations." But they did verify that the position was real. Northrop is one of numerous defense-related firms who have repeatedly been the target of sustained and sophisticated attacks from outside agents.