Before the Oscar glow completely fades for the year, consider: There's less than six degrees of separation from IT to the movie screen. You can see it in the work technologists do for studios like Disney, DreamWorks and NBC Universal to provide the infrastructure necessary to streamline the very complicated business of producing a motion picture. In fact, the company that contributed special effects in the Academy Award Winner for Best Special Effects, Inception, has one degree of separation from the big screen. NVIDIA. And it's hiring. To develop the film's special effects, the producers leveraged NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture and Quadro graphics processing units. (For the record, NVIDIA's hardware and software were used in all five nominations for the category.) Known for its graphics cards, NVIDIA likes to say it's "building the world's fastest processors, period." Right now, the jobs it's seeking to fill include CUDA engineer, processor architect, and mobile applications engineer. If you're not a processor architect but still want to work in move and video production within IT, search "movie" and you'll find more than 100 postings from companies like Amazon, who are building a new paradigm for how entertainment will be produced in the future. -- Dino Londis.