[caption id="attachment_2430" align="aligncenter" width="536"] Involver offers a platform for managing and monitoring social networks.[/caption] Having launched its enterprise cloud, Oracle finds itself in fiercer competition than ever with companies that understand how the cloud and social networking impact businesses—companies like Salesforce and Google, both of which tout an extensive array of online products. What does Oracle do in this sort of situation? Why, what it does best: go on a buying spree. On July 10, social-marketing company Involver revealed that it had signed an acquisition agreement with Oracle. “The combination of Involver with Oracle is expected to create the most advanced and comprehensive cloud-based social solution, across marketing, sales and service touch point,” read its blog posting. “Our technology is expected to extend Oracle’s social platform to help customers more easily and cost-effectively collaborate and build engaging applications and social experiences across social networks and the Open Graph.” Involver’s products—which include social-media management (such as the ability to post from multiple social networks simultaneously) and metrics display—will indeed end up in the Oracle Cloud. Oracle’s recent acquisitions in the cloud and social-media arena include Collective Intellect, a purveyor of cloud-based social intelligence software, and Vitrue, a cloud-based social marketing and engagement platform. Vitrue products include Virtue Publisher, a dashboard that allows users to manage Facebook, Google+ and Twitter activities, and Vitrue Tabs, which lets organizations create Facebook landing pages with specialized apps and modules. Oracle Cloud offers dozens of enterprise-grade applications, including platform and social services. During the platform’s June 6 unveiling, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison claimed that his company had been working on the project for almost seven years at considerable expense. During his presentation, Ellison played up the Oracle Cloud’s social-networking services. However, Oracle faces significant rivals in the area. Salesforce recently announced plans to acquire Buddy Media, which allows companies to manage customized content on social networks; in addition, it already owns Radian6, a company whose tools monitor activity on social networks. Google is another player, having bought social-networking-tools vendor Meebo in June. Squared off against other tech titans for control of the space, it’s no surprise that Oracle is in an acquisition-happy mood.   Image: Involver